Team of instructors on our implant surgery courses

Over 30 years’ experience teaching courses worldwide

Our team of instructors have decades of experience, training and teaching dental professionals around the world. If you want to learn from the best doctors and teachers, what are you waiting for?

A teaching team led by a national and international expert in implant surgery

Doctor Juan Jesús Pérez García, director and teacher at our institute was taught by the “father of modern dental implant surgery”, Prof. Brånemark, in Sweden. Since then, he has placed more than 45,000 implants in various cases. This has made him an expert in his field and an outstanding communicator. Learning from him is a unique opportunity to start your journey to success.

More than 50,000 implants placed during training sessions

We provide courses that offer real, practical learning. We have provided our students with the theoretical and practical skills to help them place more than 50,000 dental implants in total during training. Our methodology is based on the premise that practice goes hand in hand with theory. Don’t waste your time with training courses that don’t give you the chance to place a single implant.

We tailor our teaching to your preferences and needs

Our course instructors are qualified to teach at the pace you need. Our intensive training courses are ideal for those who need to learn in the shortest time possible, while achieving a high level of theoretical and practice knowledge.

More than 200 courses taught by our team

Over these 30 years, Dr. Juan Jesús Pérez García has taught more than 200 courses on implant surgery, as well as giving numerous talks all around the world, sharing his experience, knowledge and his vocational passion for implant surgery.

Meet our team of instructors

Dr. Juan Jesús
Pérez García | Director

Dr. Jesús
Pérez García

Dr. Manuel Fco.
Vallecillo Capilla

Dr. Orlando
Martín Caraballo

Dr. Werner

Dr. Manuel
Prieto Pérez

Dr. Manuel
Espadas García

Dr. Javier

Dr. Talib

Dra. Esther
Muñoz Soto

Dr. José David
García Antelo

Dr. Felipe Segundo
Fernández Pérez

Dra. Josefina
Fajardo Puig

Dra. Sofía
Carrazana Rodríguez

Dr. Teófilo
Álvarez Mogollón